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In Microsoft Dynamics Navision export to “Microsoft Word” option involves automation feature in word. Here so many tasks are involved including creation automation of Mail merge in word, Automation style sheets etc. You will implement Word Automation from a Customer Card in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.

The Automation server must be installed on the computer that compiles an object that uses Automation. If you must recompile and modify an object on a computer that does not have the Automation server installed, then you must modify the code to compile it again. We recommend that you isolate code that uses Automation in separate codeunits.

For all these illustrates the below tasks are walkthrough

  • Creating a template in Word that will be used for Word documents that are created from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client with Automation.
  • Creating a codeunit and declaring the Automation variables that are required for using Microsoft Office Word Automation.
  • Writing C/AL code in the codeunit to instantiate the Automation object that creates a Word document from a template.
  • Adding C/AL code to the Automation codeunit to transfer data from a table record to a Word document.
  • Calling the Automation codeunit from an action on a page.
  • word Automation for NAV

    For more details on how to create automation for export to word option in microsoft dynamics nav click here

    If you are unable to repeat the steps in Automation, we have a tool where we can download the automation already developed for you and can customize it accordingly to the requirement.

    If you found any issues on header or footer while printing or saving as PDF document, Please walk through the following steps.
    The issues can be field names displaying instead of field values on printing or in PDF document And
    Displaying todays or system date time instead of customer card displayed or mapped field.
    To resolve this,

  • Open the Mail Merge document
  • Select Header or footer where values are not printing
  • Make Header or footer locked(Ctrl + F11) to print the values on printing.
  • To lock a field so that field results are not updated, click the field, and then press CTRL+F11.
  • To unlock a field so that field results can be updated, click the field, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F11.
  • Feel free to leave comment for any feedback or suggestions.

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